Who are the box breakers? Well, if you ask the Urban Dictionary (be careful what you type in there though!) they are “a person that doesn’t ‘think outside the box’ because ‘they break the box’.  They focus their efforts on shattering the status quo. They’re game changers.

This. This is what we as a family strive to be. This is what we are making an effort to instill in our children. Don’t ask “why” just to be obnoxious, ask “why?” because you want an actual answer. Don’t just accept the status quo because someone said so, accept what is right, what is correct, what is true.

What about you, you may ask? Well, I grew up being surrounded by boxes. I thought everything in life fit into a box. God, people, situations. It could all be boxed to my understanding and put on a shelf. Little did I know how wrong I was!

We are created by a very creative God, and all he asks of us is to love Him and love people. Everything, everything, everything fits into those two commands. He didn’t create within boxes and we are meant to live free from our inhibitions and our boxes.

So now, here I am facing down my 34th birthday, feeling like I’ve just within the last few figured out what this life is all about. I am here to break down my own boxes, to help others break theirs, and mold the hearts of the six little box breakers He’s given us. Us. The “us” would be myself and my Bob the Builder. Except his name isn’t Bob. But he is a builder. (We could also call him “Fix it Felix”, or on the necessary occasion, “Wreck it Ralph”. ) He’s also a musician, an engineer, a psychologist, a comedian, and an actor. Most importantly though, he’s also a lover of God, a husband, and daddy.

So welcome, to my little piece of the internet. This is me. Lover of God. Wife. Mama. Friend. Box Breaker. You will find this to be an eclectic place reflective of this eclectic life He’s given us. Pull up a chair and drink some coffee with me. Let’s navigate this thing called life together.

coffee in truck

Thanks to dad, I can sneak away to have my weekend morning coffee in my office the pickup.