One thing that you’ll quickly realize about me is that I LOVE all things local. Local foods, local art, local creators, you name it, I love local. However, I do on occasion shop on Amazon, please don’t stone me.

I think that supporting our local small businesses and shops is so important and vital, not only to our communities and economies, but really for humanity. It returns us to a time when all you had was those you looked in the eye as you did business. You knew their family, and they knew yours. You saw each other on the street, your kids went to school together, you saw one another in church. Perhaps I’m old fashioned and that’s just a quaint thought, but I don’t believe that this form of shopping is a thing of the past. Sure we have new ways to find our local makers, and I do enjoy perusing their craftsmanship on their websites and pages, but to receive your purchase directly from your local maker or small business owner? It’s a great thing.

You know what the other thing is that happens when you shop local? You find your village. Your tribe. You find others who think similarly and share similar values. You find that where you were once just a customer, now you’re a friend. THIS. This is what separates your local businesses from the fray. And the folks you will find below? They all started out as strangers to me. Strangers who offered a great product, strangers that I now call friends.

Expect this list to grow as I discover new businesses and makers – but below you will find some of my local favorites, and all of them have websites and most ship anywhere, so you can enjoy them too!



Photo Credit – Dillon Thompson

Photo Credit - Dillon Thompson