Much like the first whiffs of spring, a little before it’s time. When it is beginning to smell like spring outside, but you know that according to the calendar, it’s a few months away yet. However, those first few whiffs….they give you strength and resolve to get through the next snowstorm that’s coming.

I think that the feeling of change is much the same. When you first begin to sense it and feel it in your bones. Your spirit is aware of something your conscious is not, or won’t yet allow.

You know it is there, waiting on the horizon. You just don’t yet know how it will manifest, or when. You just know that it will.
But what is it? It is ubiquitous. It just is.

Change is constant, even when we feel we may have somehow beaten it. It really is just a lie that we tell ourselves, that allows us to march forward in ignorance. That lie acting like a balm to our soul. But even that is a lie within a lie. Lies are no more a balm to our soul than acid is to our skin.

I don’t yet know what this means, or how it will play out. Maybe it is a HUGE change. Maybe it is a small one. Regardless, it must be enough of a change that my soul feels the need to prepare for it.

It is a new year, and change is often mentioned as we embark on the new. Perhaps you have a stirring in your soul as well. Take heart friends, spring is just around the corner. ❤