You know how it feels when you ask your children to go and “do” something? You kindly ask them to take care of said task for you. You know they are capable, you know they can handle it, and if they put their mind to it, they will do it well. Otherwise, why would you ask them to complete the task? Perhaps the task is not necessarily easy for them, but it is possible for them to do it. Perhaps it will be time-consuming, but they are capable. Perhaps it is meant to be a learning experience and you are right there to walk alongside of them, and guide them to completion. You know all of this full well, so you ask them to perform the task. And then? They don’t. They pretend they didn’t hear you. They say they forgot. They simply ignore that you’re speaking to them. So, you ask again. Perhaps a little more firmly. Sometimes they will then begin the task, other times, maybe not. So you ask again and again until you receive the appropriate action or response.

I’ve been thinking on this lately and I can’t help but wonder if that’s not how the Father feels about us sometimes? How often does He give us a task, something He knows we are capable of, even if it’s hard. Something that perhaps we cannot complete without His help, yet He wants US to do it. He wants to partner with us, to share His kingdom with us and what He is doing in it. What an amazing thought! The God of the universe, the one who created everything simply by commanding it to be so, wants us to help Him with His work here on earth.

While my head acknowledges what an amazing thought that is….my heart…sometimes not so much. My heart says, “that’s insane, I can’t possibly” and other such things. I’m sure I don’t have to expound very much for you to understand what I mean. Recently I have found myself in this place multiple times. For whatever reason He has been calling me out of my comfort zone to say, do, and write things that I simply would rather not.

I think *this* is what God is looking for from us. Perhaps holding hands with a friend and jumping right in to what He has for us.

You see, as odd as this may sound, I’m truly not a huge fan of putting myself ‘out there’. As I’m sure you know, when you’re ‘out there’ you don’t get to fly under the radar, not drawing attention to yourself. For the last several years, I’ve been pretty content with just showing up, participating at a basic level, and not making waves. The less you say and do, the less you’ll be scrutinized and judged…..right? Sort of. The fact is, judge-y people are going to judge no matter what. You can look at them wrong and not say a single word and they will judge. That’s their problem, not yours, and there’s not much you can do about it. The thing about lying low and not participating is that you may feel like you’re avoiding criticisms and conflict, but you’re also missing out on blessings. Some of my most treasured friendships exist because one of us put themselves out there. If I had chosen to just lay low, I’d be missing out on some pretty amazing people in my life.

Friends, I hope this serves as an encouragement to you. I get it, I really do. Sometimes when God says to “go and do” it can be super scary. The unknown is always unnerving. However, just like when we ask our children to do a task, trust that God’s got this. He wouldn’t ask you to do it, if He knew you couldn’t. Maybe He brings someone alongside of you to jump in with you. Maybe He asks that you just look to Him to complete this job. Whatever the case may be, if you’re struggling to just say yes and “do” I hope you will. Let’s be the child that says yes the first time, instead of the one that needs to be asked again and again.

It can be tough to keep saying yes to all the new situations and tasks God asks us to do. I for one, hate the idea of being “that guy”. We all know one. The person that seems to have an answer for everything, or the one that finds fault or needs to nitpick all situations going on around them. Friends, if you’re walking out the task God has laid out for you, you are never, ever truly “that guy”. You may perceive that you are, and some may treat you as such, but to the one who matters, you are not. It’s a hard perspective to keep sometimes, but remember we are living for an audience of One. Much love.