What am I doing here? What is this about? What’s wrong with having boxes? After all, they help keep things in order……

Please, read on…..

When there are too many to pour into – who do you choose?

We were made for fellowship, for connection. We were designed to share and do life together.  But how often do we get into a rut of all the “have to’s”? How many times do we allow ourselves to be governed by all the things we feel we must do to make our lives complete? The social outings, the parties, the phone calls, the connecting we feel we must do. Are they familiar to you?

I HAVE to take the kids to the zoo. I HAVE to attend lunch with this person that invited me. I HAVE to make it to the summer movie series with the kids (after all I prepaid the tickets). I HAVE to go my friend’s new business venture launch. I HAVE to attend every activity my church is doing. I HAVE to be my child’s classroom parent helper. I HAVE to make those Pinterest snacks for the birthday party. Do I need to say more? We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

So what is the secret? Where is the line and how do we find it? I submit to you this theory. The line is different for everyone. Perhaps in certain seasons, some of us are called to be super parent and do ALL. THE. THINGS. But that is just what it is, a season. It’s not sustainable, just as we can’t have endless summer. Without the harsh of winter, we wouldn’t have a chance for the renewal of spring, and we certainly wouldn’t appreciate it as much. Without the renewal of spring, we wouldn’t be able to have the warmth of summer. And without summer, we’d never have the opportunity to enjoy the wind down and cool off of the fall. So it is with our lives. We go through seasons of rest and renewal, that may not always be easy, but are most certainly necessary.

As a mama to six, there is always someone needing me to invest in them, which I love! This is what He made me to do. He chose these kids for me, and I for them, on purpose. But with six little box-breakers for me to attend to, that doesn’t always leave much time to invest in the lives of others. Or so I thought. Lately, God has been bringing people to my mind to pray for, reach out to, and send little encouragements to. Honestly? It’s not hard, it doesn’t take long, and the rewards are so rich. Receiving a reply that you brightened someone’s day by simply reaching out; It doesn’t get much easier than that does it? Kindness goes a long way my friends. God’s commands are simple. Love God. Love people.

That brings me back to my original question – when there are so many who need to be loved, how do we choose who and where to invest our time resource? It’s really quite simple. Let’s ditch the idea of the HAVE to’s and just ask – “Who do you want me to love on purpose today?” Of course we should be loving those we come in contact with, but additionally, who are you purposing to encourage? If we ask and then quietly listen, He will tell you. And that, my friends, is the ‘HAVE to’ that matters.

God doesn’t fit into a box. Life is messy and beautiful and doesn’t fit into a box. People shouldn’t be put into boxes. Join me here, and let’s start breaking down boxes.


What if we all lived free of our boxes? It might look a little something like this.

Photo credit to Birdseye Imagery

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